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A website showing kids how to stand up for

themselves AND others!

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Guess what ?

This book isn't just "All About Me,"
it's about how I used the tools needed to help me get through problems. Sometimes you just need to know that you are not the only one.
This book is 5 books in one and is for kids 7 years old and older. I want to help other kids learn how to stand up for themselves and others.
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on how you are dealing with your problems too!

Looking for Activities for Kids ages 5-7?

Teaching kids how to stand up for themselves & others.


Published by jcarrington+associates 

Watch the "Say hi"

to 10 year old Ivana Carrington Video!

 Kim Coles
(Sinclare) from FOX
televison sitcom
"Living SIngle"

Darrel Walls
From the Urban Gospel 
Steller Award 
Winning, "The Walls Group"

Actress: Marsai Martin (Diane Johnson)

from ABC's televison sitcom Black-ish

(TOP) Actress: Tinchina Arnold 

known for her role as  Pamela on  "Martin" & "Everybody 
Hates Chris" 

(BOTTOM) Tammi Haddon
Grammy Award Winming 
& Inspirational Gospel Artist

Hey, Check out Ivana's "Shout-Outs!"

Say hi to 10 year old Ivana Carrington!


Ivana's new book "All ABout Me" teaches kids how to stand up for themselves & others. Great for developing character building skills like being brave, never give up, dealing with bad dreams, feeling sad and more!


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copy  today

Only $13

Will go to help less
fortunate children
of Kenya
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My Very First Radio Air Date!

was on  April 11,  2015

with 13-year-old KCOH host





Victoria Baynes Lopez!

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